ALAN国际bwin888商学院基于H&A十年的bwin888实践发展历程,致力于通过公开专题研讨、国内外考察交流、人才培训等活动提供更广泛的bwin888实践交流及专业技术培训,提升企业及员工的bwin888思维管理技能打造整个bwin888行业的标杆实战共享平台。 ALAN International Business School H&A ten years of the development process based on the design practice, committed by public seminars at home abroad, study exchanges personnel training other activities to provide a broader design practice exchange professional technical training, improve enterprise employee management skills to create the design thinking design industry benchmarking actual sharing plat.
ALAN国际bwin888商学院是学习组织,以提高个人国际视野、创作能力为前提目标不追求任何商业功利,只有共同学习、提升自我价值的目的专业机构。 ALAN international design business school is a learning organization, to improve the individual international vision, creative ability as the premise of the goal is not to pursue any commercial utility, only to learn, enhance the purpose of self value.
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